Aircooled Classics – VW & Porsche Magazine

Aircooled Classics ran for nineteen issues. Eighteen of those issues were digital only, with the last issue being published in both digital and print form.

Due to heavy commitments of time and finances with our sister magazine, VolksAmerica, we decided to ease off the gas pedal and put all our energies into VolksAmerica with its greater appeal covering all types of Volkswagen and Porsche – both air- and water-cooled.

This means that we are currently no longer producing Aircooled Classics, although we do still plan to revive the magazine at some time in the future. We estimate the magazine will relaunch with issue 20 in 2020, probably on the 20th, about 20:20hrs. give or take 20 seconds… 😉

Our contract with the magazine app publisher has expired, meaning there is no more app from which to view the digital version all 19 issues. We had to make the difficult decision as to whether we kept the app alive or retire it. It would have been ideal for back issue purchases. But alas, since the app contract relied on us producing further issues of Aircooled Classics the choice was made for us.

We still have a limited number of the printed Aircooled Classics issue 19 available and we have decided to offer them at a ridiculously low price to clear the final stock. The cover price of this deluxe VW & Porsche magazine is US$10. It is an expensive magazine to produce on quality paper stock and is gorgeously designed. It is heavy too, for a magazine! We are offering it for just $4.95 with free postage.

You can buy up to 5 magazines of the same issue 19 for just $4.95 including postage (US mailing address ONLY!)

Why so many? To enable a car club a bulk buy option. Order below.

Purchasing has been temporarily suspended while website / database upgrades take place. This will take approximately two weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Aircooled Classics #19 - Paper Version

Aircooled Classics Issue 19  is a 100 page, contemporary designed, classic VW & Porsche magazine.

Printed in color on the highest quality paper possible. It’s heavy! You’ll love it. Pure quality from start to finish, and no throwaway.

Price includes delivery. US mail only.

Wow.. Very interesting.. Very good magz..” Andi, Indonesia

“One Bad Ass Mag.” CJ, USA

“Amazing features and the highest quality – icing would be a print version (we got there in the end – ED), but not sure how you’d get the videos to play…” Stefan, Australia

“The perfect mix. Best of both worlds. Keep up the good work. Truly an excellent magazine!” Richard, UK

“Awesome magazine!” Jim, USA

“Great publication, I’ve signed up for the newsletter and will let all my friends know too” Ben, USA